Ice Dye Headbands

Our Ice Dye headbands are handmade in Los Angeles, CA.  Learn how to Ice Dye below.

Things you will need

1.  Ice

2.  Ice Bucket

3.  Fabric

4.  Powder Dye (you can order Rit Powder Dye here)

5.  Rack to lay fabric on

6.  Plastic tub, with lid, to put the rack and fabric in

7.  Gloves

Step 1

Place the rack in the tub and lay fabric over the rack.  

Step 2

Put ice over the fabric and sprinkle powder dye over the ice.

Step 3

Place the lid on the tube and leave overnight.

Step 4

The next day, you will see the ice has melted, leaving the dye on the fabric.  Put your gloves on and take out the fabric.  Rinse the fabric and place somewhere to dry.  

Step 5

Enjoy your unique Ice Dyed fabric!  Click here to get our Ice Dye Headbands.

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